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New Book about Trends & Innovations in 50+ Library Services

50+ Library Services: Innovation in Action, by Diantha Dow SchullBaby Boomers and other active older adults are redefining the meaning and the purpose of our older years. How is your library responding?

50+ Library Services: Innovation in Action, is the most comprehensive review of library services for active older adults to date. The book offers a topical scan of the library landscape, identifying the emerging issues and practices that are transforming how libraries respond to the aging of America.

50+ Library Services provides:

  • Analysis of 12 societal trends and their implications for how librarians work with midlife adults
  • Profiles of 4 Leading Edge States and 12 Beacon Libraries that are in the forefront  of institutional change
  • Instructive examples of more than 300 projects and programs reflecting new understanding of aging in the library sector and new approaches to librarianship with the potential to enhance the quality of life for older adults

A new movement for older adult library services has begun to emerge, a movement that implies re-structuring of adult services across  the lifespan, and that promises new relationships between libraries and their midlife constituents.

— Diantha Dow Schull, 50+ Library Services

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