DDSchull Associates strengthens cultural, educational and philanthropic organizations through consultation and training.

DDSchull Associates is committed to ensuring a diverse and vital cultural sector and to helping institutions build the professional capacities and resources required to meet 21st century needs for lifelong learning, scholarship and civic and cultural exchange.   Services are informed by a belief that museums and libraries are complementary institutions with important roles to play in preserving and interpreting our shared cultural heritage.

Services include:

DDSchull Associates services are customized to meet the needs of museums, libraries and foundations with diverse purposes, assets and community settings.




“Diantha Schull has helped me as much as any individual in the country look at new ways to improve the libraries I have directed. She has challenged all of us to look at our communities and think of new and better ways to serve them. She has fought tirelessly to make public libraries better service outlets for everyone. She is my library champion and my library futurist.”                      

Norman Maas, (retired) Director, Norfolk (VA) Public Library