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Family Place Libraries: A Timely National Initiative

In September 2012 the Institute for Museum and Library Services (IMLS) announced a National Leadership Grant of $450,000 to the Middle Country Public Library (MCPL), located in Suffolk County, Long Island (NY) for Family Place Libraries: A Model for Institutional ChangeThe grant enables MCPL to create a network of 28 libraries across eight states that will implement, evaluate and communicate the value of Family Place Libraries, an early childhood and family service model that  focuses on parents/caregivers as first teachers, is organized around the developmental needs of the whole child, and links library services with other regional and local family support agencies.

By supporting expansion, evaluation, and national communications of the Family Place Libraries service model, IMLS is helping to spotlight libraries that are in the forefront of new research-based practices. The grant to MCPL has added significance given the confluence of factors that are stimulating a national consensus that early childhood learning services are essential for national achievement, equity and economic productivity.  Continue reading Family Place Libraries: A Timely National Initiative